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Journal papers

Accepted for publication: Ruben Lliuyacc, Juan M. Mauricio, Antonio Gomez-Exposito, Mehdi Savaghebi, Josep M. Guerrero “Grid-Forming VSC control in Four-Wire Systems with Unbalanced Nonlinear Loads” in Elsevier Electric Power Systems Research, Volume 152, November 2017.

Accepted for publication: A. Laya, C. Kalalas, F. Vazquez-Gallego, L. Alonso, and J. Alonso-Zarate, “Goodbye, ALOHA!“, IEEE Access, April 2016, Special Section: The Plethora of Research in Internet of Things (IoT). FREE ACCESS.

Accepted for publication: M. Angjelichinoski, C. Stefanovic, P. Popovski, and F. Blaabjerg, “Communication-Theoretic Model of Power Talk for a Single-Bus DC Microgrid”, Information, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 18, Mar. 2016.

Accepted for publication: C. Kalalas, L. Thrybom, and J. Alonso-Zarate “Cellular Communications for Smart Grid Neighborhood Area Networks: A Survey” IEEE Access journal, March 2016.

Accepted for publication: Marko Angjelichinoski, Cedomir Stefanovic, Petar Popovski, Hongpeng Liu, Poh Chiang Loh, Frede Blaabjerg “Multiuser Communication through Power Talk in DC MicroGrids”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications – Special Issue on Power Line Communications and its Integration with the Networking Ecosystem.

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